The TDM-800 series

The TDM series offers an excellent combination of high speed and high input count. Each device is is available with 16, 32 or 64 inputs.

Key features

* Up to 64 inputs

* Continuous time-tagging

* Resolution 15.625 ps

* The device offers large (up to 500 us!) adjustable input delay to compensate for different cable lengths.

* The data is sorted by adjusted time. This makes real-time processing much easier.

* The software is cabaple to store the full data rate to disk.

* Data can be streamed to a FPGA card for real-time processing.

* The devices can be cascaded for even more inputs. (Option)

   TDM Series Data Sheet



iPass x8 PCIe cables

Available up to 5 m (7 m is not recommended)

You can order them with the device or buy from Digikey or Mouser.

Optical iPass cable

The optical cables are really great – but discontinued unfortunately.

We have got two on stock – Don’t break them !

PCIe interface card


For best results we recommend PXH812 from Dolphin. Include it in your order or buy it there.


Stand-alone housing

The TDM modules are NIM modules. When you don’t have a NIM crate at hand, you can use the stand alone housing. It comes with an 12 V power adapter.


Differential inputs


When your detector has got LVDS or LVPECL outputs, one gets much better performance by directly interface it to the TDC.

Cables: Samtec ECDP

Connector: Samtec HSEC8

Max cable length: 1m