We are equally proud of all of our projects. But of some of them we are even more equally proud:

Nasa’s Deep Space Optical Communication is powered by TDM1600-64.

The main challenges were:

* Maintaining a high data rate over several hours.

* Time-sorting the data for easy real-time analysis.

The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) uses Dotfast technologies für their QEYSSat project actually twice:

* The ground station uses TDM1600-64 for for the high rate and comact data format.

* The satellite uses the IP core for it’s small size and and low power consumption.

The University of Vienna uses the Logic-64 unit for multi-photon experiments with a large system of pseudo number-resolving detectors. Since each detector has multiple outputs, they require a tagger with a large number of channels.

The customized logic patterns allow them to easily monitor the detectors in real time, while still acquiring time tags.